How to make or break L.A. What are the candidates’ plans for the city’s four key assets?

April 26, 2013

Russell Goldsmith and Michael Kelly | Russell Goldsmith is the chairman of the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy and Jobs and chief executive of City National Bank. Michael Kelly is the executive director of the coalition

On May 21, Angelenos will have the opportunity to elect a new mayor, along with a city attorney, city controller and several City Council members. The importance of this election cannot be overstated.

It is generally well known that City Hall shapes tax, regulatory and land-use policies and provides oversight and appointment powers over numerous commissions, departments, agencies and the civil workforce. What many may not know is that it also owns economic assets that are responsible for a large portion of the region’s workforce and overall economic horsepower: LAX, the Port of Los Angeles, the Convention Center and the Department of Water and Power.    Full article here.