The Team is a public/private partnership established in 2015 between the L.A. Coalition, the L.A. Mayor’s Office, and Mayor’s Fund for L.A., to bring together private and public sector skilled talent to reform the City’s operational business systems. The Team is leading the creation of the City’s $3 billion real estate asset portfolio, optimizing the City’s $7.9 billion procurement spending, and reducing the nearly $300 million spent on safety and workers’ compensation liabilities. In just a few months, the team has successfully consolidated the City’s real estate records, analyzed nearly $5 billion in procurement spend (a first ever), and partnered with the City Attorney’s Office to implement new risk management controls to bring down costs. The team has secured internal support, mapping out its priority reform initiatives, and secured partnerships with Pepperdine, Columbia University, UCLA, USC, and emerging technology companies to bring the best metrics and execution to reform how the City operates.

In 2018 the Mayor’s Fund and the L.A. Coalition established the following Innovation Team Play Book to share with other policymakers around the country.


The members of the Coalition are providing capital, advice, mentoring and additional in-kind resources to the team.

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