The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs – Letter to City Council About LAX Modernization

Honorable Herb Wesson
President, Los Angeles City Council
Members of the Los Angeles City Council
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Re:  The Modernization of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Dear Council President and Councilmembers:

As members of the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs (L.A. Coalition), we are writing to express our strong support for the recently approved Board of Airport Commissioners’ (BOAC) recommendations that woulmake Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) a safer, more operationally efficient and passenger‐friendly airport.

LAX is the second largt job generator within the region and a signicant component in the tourism and business economy of Los Angeles and Southn California. After 20 years of debate, six safety studies and 49 straight months of a 10 percent and higher unemployment rate in the city, it’s time to act and make LAX a first rate airport once again.

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