The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs – Letter to Board of Referred Powers Committee About LAX Modernization

The Honorable Board of Referred Powers of the City of Los Angeles
200 N. Spring Street, Room 395
Los Angeles, California 90012

Councilmember Tony Cardenas, President, Board of Referred Powers
Councilmember Bernard C. Parks, Vice-President
Councilmember Janice Hahn
Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
Councilmember Ed Reyes

Dear Councilmembers:

As you will see from the attached membership roster, the Los Angeles Coalition for the
Economy and Jobs unites local leaders from business, labor, academia and non-profit
organizations to advance public policy initiatives that will help to responsibly grow the
economy and create quality jobs throughout the Los Angeles region.

We are particularly focused on the quality and competitiveness of this region’s major
economic assets. Chief among those assets is the Los Angeles International Airport
(LAX). As you know, LAX is one of the world’s key hub airports, serving more than 60
million passengers per year, sustaining more than 400,000 jobs and contributing more
than $60 billion dollars annually to Southern California’s economy. It is typically the first
and last impression that travelers have of our City and region. Unfortunately a recent
J.D. Power survey of airport quality, passengers ranked LAX 19 out of the 20 largest
airports in the United States and gave its fast-food chains and other eateries only two
stars out of five.

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