Weekly Report – November 16, 2015

Please find attached an Ad sponsored by the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs and the California Water Foundation that will run in the California section of the Los Angeles Times tomorrow, November 15.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Marc Nathanson, Chairman, Mapleton Investments and Chair of the Coalition’s Water Committee and Bob Fisher, Chairman of the Board Gap Inc. and Co-founder & Trustee, Pisces Foundation, for their leadership and advocacy for improved water policy.

We anticipate media coverage from this Ad and would like to share some key message points below.

Also, please feel free to direct any media inquires to:

Michael Kelly
Executive Director – The L.A. Coalition for the Economy & Jobs

Lester Snow
Executive Director – CA Water Foundation 

Key Messages 

  • The drought is everybody’s business and we want to show our support for and draw attention to the critical need to implement a comprehensive water management plan for the state and for local regions, like L.A.
  • The path forward requires comprehensive investments in: upgrading and modernizing our water delivery systems; developing more diverse supplies including water recycling and reuse, stormwater capture; increasing water use efficiency; restoring habitat to reduce conflict; and creating efficient water transfer markets.
  • We need to act with a sense of urgency and encourage more Angelenos and Californians to support sound initiatives that put CA on a more sustainable path.The longer we wait, the greater the impacts this drought and future shortages will have on the environment, economy and jobs.