The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs Statement

Statement from the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs

As business and civic leaders in Los Angeles we have the opportunity and responsibility to help make choices which will determine the greatness of this region. We do not take these privileges for granted.

Every elected official who represents the citizens of Los Angeles should be held to the same high standards – not just by themselves.

Regrettably, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León have not, as witnessed by the words they have chosen to use to characterize their fellow Angelenos. Words that have now spread throughout the world, representing everything that Los Angeles is not.

Nury’s resignation today is what is best for Los Angeles and all Angelenos. And Kevin’s and Gil’s must follow.

This will allow the Los Angeles Community to move forward toward a future where diverse coalitions work together to end racism and build stronger communities that provide all residents equal access to a good education, affordable housing and healthcare, and a good paying career. That is the Los Angeles we can all be proud of.

That is also the role of Democracy – to deliver what people need, not what politicians want for themselves. Now is the time we must start the hard work of establishing a truly independent commission to assume responsibility for redistricting and give people the fair representation they demand and deserve.