Alex Warren,
Filmmaker & Founder, Saving the West Foundation

Alexandra Warren is a business woman, filmmaker, and Founder of the Saving The West Foundation.

Saving The West Foundation runs a news platform dedicated to all things air, water, land and food and is dedicated to programming that fosters understanding between people living in densely populated cities and those who live near and work on the land. To that end, the foundation runs an after school education center in South Central Los Angeles.

Born in Colorado, Alex earned her BA in Film Studies at Rice University in Texas. Alex did Post- graduate studies at Georgetown University and UCLA.

Alex worked for the Washington, DC firm of Ginsberg, Feldman and Bress, where she assisted clients to navigate Capitol Hill and the Department of Energy.

She has owned and operated several businesses including Ferrari Of Beverly Hills.

Alex is the Vice-President of the American Hellenic Council, an advocacy group promoting Greek issues before Congress.

Warren wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning documentary “Losing The West”, to draw attention to the loss of open space and agricultural land. “Losing the West” is the story of gentrification, poor water and land use decisions, and change in the West as see through eyes a very “leathered” old cowboy.

Within hours of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, Warren organized, financed, and led a team of 7 doctors with medical supplies into the disaster area. They were among the first to provide medical assistance in the town of Jacmel. The effectiveness of Alex’s small, but well organized group shows how efforts by individuals and small organizations can make a major impact in critical situations.

She lives in California with her family and 3 dogs.